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Welcome To The Psychic Mile!

     My name is Mae and this is my life's journey as a Prophetess and a spiritual advisor. My pilgrimage has been filled with helping people find the answers to the bewildering questions that they are unable to answer. Guiding, reassuring and uplifting humanity is a gift that God has blessed me with since the age of 12.


     Although I am a Christian, I do not force my religious beliefs on any client. I take immense pleasure in helping people from all religious backgrounds, faiths, creeds, and nationalities. I utilize my spiritual abilities to explore your love life, relationships, soul mates, twin flames and more. Although love and relationships are my specialty, I am highly experienced in dream interpretation, picture reading, and past lives. I firmly believe that God intended me to use my gifts for the greater good of humanity.


Please be aware that I am a Prophetess and not a fortune teller. ​I DO NOT USE tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, palmistry, ouija boards, tea leaves or any other mediums to envision you or your life's past, present or future.  My ability to envision your life's journey is from God. 


 Please note, I only tell the truth and do not sugarcoat my predictions. I firmly believe that telling the truth is the only way that you can overcome the challenges in your life. As a gifted child of God, I will provide insight to you on how to overcome the obstacles surrounding your life.​


How I Can

Help You

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Many people are skeptical about psychics and their abilities  because of liars and scam artists seeking to deceive people out of their money.  Unfortunately, these people are all too common and have unfairly grouped psychics and prophets into scam artists.


While The Psychic Mile cannot change your perception of others, I can assure and prove to you that I have a prophetic gift from God and I am authentically psychic. I will provide you with a true and 100% psychic experience as we journey deep into your life and answer the questions that you have about your past, present, and future self. 

Sessions are offered through Blind Psychic Chat, Phone, and Video Conferencing. Select that method that best suits you and expect the unexpected as you journey with a true prophetess through The Psychic Mile.