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My name is Mae. I am a southern christian native of Virginia. I have traveled domestically and internationally inspiring and encouraging individuals that are seeking the truth about their lives.  As a child of God, I serve humanity by delivering prophetic messages and answering questions people have about their lives.


The Psychic Mile is a judgment-free zone, where your creed or religious belief is irrelevant.  The Psychic Mile is 100% psychic and is a path for people seeking answers to question without the religious overtones that affiliate with prophecy. Rather, The Psychic Mile is a spiritual path that is free from religious strongholds and judgments that overshadow Christianity and other religious sects. Whether you are Muslim, gay, agnostic, or etc, The Psychic Mile journeys with you into your life to reveal the truth and answer the questions that you have about your life, relationships, career and more. Everybody's journey is different, and I hope to inspire and guide you onto the path destined for your life.  If you’d like to share your experience at The Psychic Mile, feel free to tell us what you think by providing us feedback in the Customer Reviews section. I encourage you to share your experience and help others to trust and believe in The Psychic Mile. 


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