The Psychic Mile 

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Albuquerque, NM 8711​

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The Psychic Mile is dedicated to providing intimate psychic predictions on love, relationships, dream interpretation, picture reading, past lives, soulmates and more. The Psychic Mile is 100% psychic and we Do Not Use any tricks, tarot cards, crystal balls, or other gimmicks to fortell your life's journey. Our services can assist you in answering the bewildering questions about your life both past and future.

The Psychic Mile serves to mentor, and educate you onto a spiritual journey that will help you conquer the obstacles and challenges in your life.  Schedule your personal psychic mile session via one of our personal private conferences. All information is confidential. We offer private intimate sessions via

  • Blind Psychic Chat Conference  

  • Phone Conference 

  • Video Conference (via Skype or Google Hangouts)

Once you book your session through your preferred method of conferencing, we are notified and will contact you according to the time you selected. 


Please note that you must book a session via Paypal first in order to begin our journey exploring your life.  


All of your payment information is 100% safe and secure. You will receive an electronic receipt via email immediately upon purchasing any conference via Pay Pal. ​


You will be able to chat with me here in the bottom right corner there is a chat box.  Thank you for choosing me! May GOD bless you and may Heaven shine upon you!